The Bare Minimum

The Bare Minimum

A group for organised, clean, simple sets. No backgrounds/templates/collages. Contests will be held regularly.



Open to all fashion lovers
Simple, neat organised fashion sets only please!
No background images or messiness!!
Submit your fab sets and have fun! xx

If your sets do not meet the requirements they will be removed

girls who cry on public transport club

●☯ Carpe Diem ☯●

●☯ Carpe Diem ☯●

Open to all!
▸Simple, Clean Organized sets only
▸No templates or backgrounds
▸1 contests every week at least
▸Most important: creativity ♥
Sorry this not a group for sponsored contests! :)
Enjoy! xx
Please join the sister groups to Carpe Diem, for your simple/ outfit only/ minimalist sets/ organized sets!
Simple But Never Plain:
Any type sets:
Please do not submit sets with profanity, nudity, or are of a hateful or hurtful nature, and no retail marketing sets please! They will be rejected! Sponsored sets are okay if they look stylish and attractive! Thanks!

I try very hard to ensure everyone has an opportunity to win!! If you are looking for a mod that plays favorites, I'm the wrong one! I believe everyone deserves the chance to shine! So shine on my dear ones, shine on!! xx

Mod: @mcheffer

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Sayings & Style Stuff:

Beautiful People of Color!

Fashion is Everything Group:

I Don't Do Fashion I Am Fashion:

Simple but Never Plain:

My Style:

Beauty Inside, Gorgeous Outside:

●☯ Carpe Diem ☯●

Cosmic Free Spirits:

Fashion My Way:


Every Girl's Dream:

Fashion Diva:

Home is Where the Heart is:

Dream Sets:
The Best Polyvorians:
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Hooked On Style:
Polyvore at it's BEST:

Gowns Galore:

X Generation X

X Generation X

X ... We like cool things … X
X ... We love the 90’s generation X with classic groups such Nirvana ... X
This group is for cool people who love grunge, punk, indie, hipster, loser, urban, casual, vintage, preppy or minimal style.
XX is our generation.
Non stop contests.

Mindful and Mindless

Mindful and Mindless

Let's discover beauty and inspiration everywhere in between. Share your own sets, show kindness to your polyvore community, and find what soothes your soul! Contests are going to ask you submit sets to answer a question about yourself. Who are you? What do you like? What would you do?
I can't wait to get to know all of you better, my creative and talented polyfriends!
Check out our winner's circles!!

fab group

fab group

1. always be rad
2. ignore the haters
3. remember that u got a hella cute booty
4. and that u are loved
moderated by @admir-ing